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Defining Co-Worker Sexual Harassment

The incidence of sexual harassment at work places has risen over the years. Any kind of sexual advancement, physical contact, or even inappropriate sexual humor by co-workers can be construed as co-worker sexual harassment.

If you find yourself in a position where you have been sexually harassed in any way by a co-worker, then you must get in touch with a knowledgeable co-worker sexual harassment attorney Emre Polat in New York City. No harasser is above the law. The attorneys at Emre Polat Employment Attorneys encourage you to come forward and seek redress even if the co-worker is your immediate boss or someone at a high position in the management.

New York State Laws protect co-worker sexual harassment victims with compensation as well as reinstatement in case of wrongful terminations.

How to Tell if You are Being Harassed by Your Co-Worker?

Many times a simple touch by a co-worker might have unhealthy thoughts behind it. It is vital that you do not brush off such advances that make you feel uncomfortable or humiliated, and take firm steps to discourage them.

Categorically, co-worker sexual harassment at the workplace can be placed into two groups; ‘quid pro quo’ and ‘hostile work environment’. ‘Quid Pro Quo’ sexual harassment is the less common type of harassment and is usually indulged in by workers who have an authority over you. Examples of this might range from a threat to stop a promotion when you say ‘no’ to sexual advances or to even demoting you without a credible reason.

‘Hostile work environment’ sexual harassment is the more common among the two. It can involve inappropriate touching, verbal statements, or unwelcome advances by a co-worker. Anything that stops you from performing your job and leads to an awkward, intimidating, uncomfortable, or offensive work environment because of gender harassment falls under its purview.

It is important to understand the type of co-worker sexual harassment you have suffered before you pursue a legal claim. A prolific co-worker sexual harassment lawyer in New York or New Jersey such as Emre Polat can help you understand if you have a substantive case. Here are the common types of sexual harassment groups.

  • Touching
    Inappropriate touching comprises of feeling intimate area or any other intimate touch that is intended with a sexual nature. This also includes stopping a victim from running away or avoiding sexual touch.
  • Coercion
    Any sort of passive or active threat and encouragement with a sexual undertone can be classified as sexual coercion. This might include exploitation of power by promises of promotion or threat of a transfer. It can be in the form of peer pressure, flattery, begging, or using guilt to manipulate a person in giving out a sexual favor.
  • Inappropriate Advances
    These could be by way of a phone call, an email or simple stare. If a co-worker makes you uncomfortable by invading your personal space, it can be construed as a sexual advance.
  • Lewd Humor and Comments
    A sexual joke forwarded to you as mobile text can be tagged as sexual harassment. These can even be verbal statements by way of cat calling, whistling, making indecent suggestions, and so on.

Which Interactions by your Colleagues can be Labeled as Sexual Harassment?

Co-worker sexual harassment can be in any form. Many times, you might not even recognize an episode which leaves you feeling uncomfortable. Organizations today have come up with their own guidelines regarding conduct in a place of work. It is vital that you keep abreast of the standard co-worker sexual harassment policies at your workplace. These policies can even help you understand whether you are the victim.

Here are a few everyday examples of what violates co-worker sexual harassment policies in a work place. It is important that you get in touch with an experienced co-worker sexual harassment attorney if you face one or any of these:

  • Sexual assault in the workplace
  • Unintended gifts or sexually explicit gifts with an aim to harass or to beget sexual favor
  • Purposeful brushing or touching
  • Calling of endearing names such as ‘sugar, ‘honey’, ‘sweetheart’ among others
  • Social media harassment by posting pornographic or other types of sexually explicit content
  • References to sex with others when you are in hearing distance
  • Compliments on appearance or sending texts of a flirtatious nature
  • Offers for promotion, recommendation, or any other favor in exchange for sex

Sexual harassment victims often do not pursue justice for fear of losing their jobs and daily living. However, an experienced and results driven attorney like Emre Polat cannot only help you seek justice but also help you make this terrible situation turn into something positive. With every victory against this sort of behavior, that is another win in the morality column.

Many a time sexual harassment litigation turns into the word of harasser against that of victim. It is essential that you save any evidence by way of emails or other interactions. Call the Emre Polat Employment Attorneys at (212)480-4500 if you are looking for lawyers who will fight for your rights. The firm assures complete confidentiality while consulting for a co-worker sexual harassment claim.

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