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Flat Rate Anti-Harassment Training for Employers

Attorneys at the Emre Polat Employment Attorneys provide a flat-rate cost effective means of fulfilling the requirements promulgated by the New York State and New York City councils to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Our attorneys provide on-site mandatory training of employees and supervisors and a comprehensive review of sexual harassment policies to ensure that employers meet their annual obligations. For more information contact us.

New York State Mandatory Anti-Harassment Training

As of October 9, 2018, employers must provide their workers training on sexual harassment prevention. The recently adopted legislation targets sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace and requires all employees, including part-time employees, to receive training on an annual basis.

The training must be interactive with a live trainer and employees must be provided examples and permitted to ask questions and give feedback. More specifically, the training must explain sexual harassment laws in the City, State, and across the United States. The objective of the training is to educate employees of their rights to complain and have claims addressed properly. Employers and supervisors must learn about their obligations and anti-retaliation laws must also be discussed. The New York State legislature does not provide any exemptions for this requirement.

New York City Requirements

Effective April 1, 2019, employers have one year to implement the training for all employees and must ensure all employees are trained annually thereafter. For new hires, the training must occur after 90 days of initial hire and must include all of the typical elements of anti-harassment training, including emphasizing that retaliation is prohibited. Notably, anti-harassment training for employees should include an explanation of sexual harassment, specific examples of workplace sexual harassment, a complaint procedure, and a statement regarding the prohibition of retaliation. Employers are required to have employees sign acknowledgement of the training and are required to maintain such records.

The attorneys at Emre Polat Employment Attorneys provide comprehensive counseling and compliance for employees to meet the legal requirements. On-site training sessions are provided at a flat-fee to ensure compliance with New York State and City laws. For further information, contact us for a consultation.

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